Male / Female (3 Years Diploma in Nursing + 1 Year ICU+CCU Diploma)

ICU Nurse


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  • ICU & CCU Patient Nursing Care
  • Operating all the monitor
  • Operating ventilator & Oxygen Machine
  • Make the Medicine Dose
  • Passing the PG & NG Tube
  • Feeding by PG & NG Tube
  • Passing Catheter
  • Operating Suction & Nebulizer machine
  • Maintain 1.0 chart
  • IV lane maintain and all kinds of Injection IV and Intramuscular
  • All kinds of Dressing
  • Exercise & Physiotherapy
  • Sponge Bath

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Service 15 days.
  • Decided the Package Cash Payment will be advanced before the worker is Hired.
  • The Client will also provide 4 leave within 30 days.
  • Duty Timing Day 12 Hours 8 to 8. Night duty 12 Hours 8 to 8.
  • The advance payment will be not refundable at any case.
  • The Client will be responsible provided food, tea and other refreshment to the worker during her/his duty hours.
  • The Client will dissolve the contract before expire of the decide period with any reason that the advance Payment will be for fited.

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